The Awards

We categorize the Technology Implementation Awards according to a generic IT framework that most banks operate.

We believe that all bank technology architecture have the following components, and our awards are made for the different tactical areas in each of them:

The Areas in a Bank IT architecture The Awards we currently make
Core Banking Systems and Middleware
  1. Best Core Banking Implementation for Small-sized Banks
  2. Best Core Banking Implementation for Medium-sized Banks
  3. Best Core Banking Implementation for Large-sized Banks
  4. Overall Best Core Banking Implementation
  5. Best Middleware Implementation
Data & Analytics
  1. Best Data and Analytics Project
  2. Best CRM Project
  3. Best Risk and Analytics Project
Application Layer
  1. Best Banking Product Application
  2. Best Banking Security System
Distribution Technologies
  1. Best ATM Installation and Management Solution
  2. Best Branch Automation and Networking Systems
  3. Best Call Centre Project
  4. Best e-Banking Project
  5. Best Multi-channel Capability Project
Payments Technologies
  1. Best Retail Payments Implementation
  2. Best Corporate Payments Implementation
  3. Best Payments Application Implementation
Back-office and Supporting Technology
  1. Best Financial Supply Chain Project
  2. Best HR Systems Implementation Project
  3. Other awards as appropriate
Trading floor applications
  1. Best Back-office System
  2. Best Middle-office System
  3. Best Front-office System

Please note that not all awards are made every year for the categories that exist. Our choice of awards to be made in any one year depends on the quality of the submissions received and the benchmarks set by the submissions for the rest of the industry in that year.

We do modify the awards over the years to recognize the changing face of the industry and the new technology innovations as they evolve.

Please also note that awards are only made for COMPLETED PROJECTS, and not projects that are still under implementation. Actual, not projected, performance matrix are an important consideration for these awards.


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