Leadership Achievement Awards 2020 Virtual Ceremony

The Asian Banker conducts an annual Leadership Achievement Awards programme that focuses on the performance of CEOs, chairmen and boards in the financial services industry in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. This year, the awards are specifically aimed at evaluating the performance and response of senior industry practitioners and the banks that they lead during the COVID-19 pandemic. Important benchmarks were considered during the assessment including the level of digitalisation of institutions’ operations and processes; risk management capabilities, especially around credit and liquidity risk management; how they deploy funds in a manner relevant to society; and finally how they create social capital, the means by which business justifies value through contributions to communities. This year the achievements of Promising Young Bankers will also be recognised. This award is held every three years and assesses the achievements of bankers under the age of 40 with bottom-line responsibilities. The programme tracks the career development of next-generation leaders in the increasingly complex financial services industry. To celebrate the achievements of top performing CEOs, chairmen and future leaders, the Leadership Achievement Awards Ceremony 2020 will be held virtually on Thursday, 15 October 2020. As part of the ceremony, there will be a dialogue session with the winning leaders who will share their insights and views on the current themes that are reshaping the financial services industry.

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Message from the Advisors
Leadership Achievement Awards Programme


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