Submission Details

1. Who is eligible?
Although the submission can be made by either a bank or its technology partner, banks and their IT partners will be assessed jointly for the award. The organisation submitting must ensure that the partner bank/vendor should be available for interview if required. All banks and non-bank financial institutions (including insurance companies, brokerages, credit companies and finance companies) with operations in Asia Pacific countries, with completed IT implementations in 2010 are eligible for submission. Banks making a submission must indicate the partners they worked with or products used as these will be also evaluated.

2. What documents do I need to submit?
You need to submit the application kit. Click here to download the brochure and application form.

If you want to receive the offline application kit, please contact Mr Aldo Joson, at (65) 6236 6527 or email

3. Will institutions that do not make a submission be considered?
For IT projects of outstanding merit The Asian Banker may decide, at its own discretion and on a strictly case by case basis, to consider institutions that do not make a submission. However, institutions that do not make a submission may have a ranking that is not up to their expectations due to unavoidable difficulties in gathering full and accurate information when a submission has not been made.

4. Is the information submitted made available to the public?
All business sensitive information provided will not be published in any form whatsoever that could reveal the names of the institutions involved. The information selected for determining industry benchmarks will not refer to any institution by name. Any submissions deemed usable for publication, we will request for permission for.

5. What is the deadline for submissions?
To be considered for an Award, please make a complete submission to us no later than January 21st, 2011 in electronic format. Please keep in mind that only IT projects that were completed or made fully functional in 2010 are eligible for consideration. Work in progress should be submitted only after completion.

6. Information required

Generally, your submission is required to address the following:

i. Project specifications and details (e.g. date of original contract, time to completion, estimated resources and man hours involved, etc).
ii. Outline and features of the project's technical design, including names of products used and timelines.
iii. Chart containing the functionalities of the solutions purchased listed against the business issues it was designed to solve.
iv. Business case and KPIs cited for investment in this project and how were these used. Also explain how the project implementation has improved (or will improve) the performance of the bank in specific and general functions of the overall banking business.
v. Distinguishing feature of this implementation, which you feel makes it worthy for the award.
vi. Other solutions considered during the evaluation process in selection of the product, and the benchmarks used to select the vendor/ products/ design.

7. Contact information
For more information on this programme, contact Mr. Aldo Joson at 6236 6527 or email

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