Submission Details
Who is eligible?
For most awards, banks and non-bank financial institutions including insurance companies, non-bank finance companies, internet finance companies with private and wealth management services are all eligible for China Private Banking and Wealth Management Awards.
What documents do I need to submit?
Please note that we have a detailed audit based questionnaires for each player making the submission. You need to fill the questionnaire and address the award-specific criteria for each award category included as part of your answers to the general questions posed here. Your submission should be accompanied by a copy of your latest annual report.
Will institutions that do not make a submission be considered?
We encourage all financial institutions to make submissions. However, regardless of your submission, The Asian Banker makes its own assessment based on previous interviews, industry observations and research. Institutions that do not make a submission risk not having a complete description of their programme fully considered
Is the information submitted made available to the public?
All information you provide will be kept in strictest confidence. The final report will collate the findings and publishes generic information that discusses trends and emerging best practices from the programme, but does not discuss any specific submission under any circumstances whatsoever.
When to submit?
The Asian Banker China Private Banking and Wealth Management Awards 2017 have now started.The deadline for awards application is October 9th, 2017. If you want to participate in the awards programme, please contact you have any enquiry about the awards program, please contact Ms. Shenming at

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